The following list is the rental assistance requirements from WestPARR

  1. First time using rental assistance from a WestPARR affiliate
    a. May qualify for funding from a different affiliate after 1 year
    b. Does not owe back rent to any WestPARR affiliate
    c. Nobody available (family/friends etc.) to assist with rent
    d. Intake form must be filled out in its entirety (leave no section blank)
  2. Completion of an inpatient rehabilitation program and/or involved in
    some level of treatment
    a. Currently in outpatient treatment or higher level of care (with
    completion date) and/or actively seeking employment (job programs
    b. Recommendation from counselor, therapist, case manager, probation
    officer etc.
    c. Currently Employed and waiting on a paycheck
    d. Must not turn down employment when offered
    e. If individual is unable to work due to SSDI, SSI or other disability,
    the individual must seek out volunteer or community services
  3. Follow all rules and regulations of the residence while seeking rental
    a. Must be approved for a WestPARR affiliated house before
    application will be reviewed (affiliated house listed on website)
    b. Pass drug screen
    c. Report progress at weekly house meetings to house manager/owner/
    d. All intake paperwork must be finished upon entry into residence


Funding is designed to help those who do not have money to get in the door. Funding is on a week by week basis. In order to seek help with more than one week, please contact the WestPARR office for a follow up interview. 412-636-3613 or 412-586-4569.

WestPARR reserves the right to refuse payment for individuals who do not comply with and/or meet criteria. If payment is made and criteria isn’t met, WestPARR reserves the right to seek return payment.